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Laminate Flooring

Buying a laminate floor is a long term investment. The best ones combine high quality materials with the best finishes and designs.

3D Wood Effects : The latest 3D Wood Effects emphasize the natural depth of the wood grains by varying in gloss level from matt to satin and silk.

Chrome Zone: The exclusive Chrome Zone® Technology enhances the True to Nature Touch® by giving the wood grains a radiant lustre. Chrome Zone® Technology is a combination of décor, surface structure and a new & revolutionary technique that consists of giving the wood grains a vivid and radiant lustre on a matt surface. This technology prints chrome on the wood grains, making them shiny. The result is a magnificent matt-chrome finish.

True to Nature Touch: With the embossed in register process, the laminate becomes really true to nature. The surface texture matches the underlaying wood pattern perfectly and gives you the feel of a solid wood floor.

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