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Dear Buyers,
If you want a quality carpet, and a quality experience, at a competitive price, Almor Carpets in Dunfermline provide this for you, every time. Their customer care is second-to-none! When they come to your home and measure up, they are very respectful and they use their skill and experience to maximise the carpet you buy from them when working out their cutting, and fitting. especially helpful for hall stairs and landings. Almor Carpets Dunfermline don`t want you to have to pay more than is necessary. They DO FOR YOU, and TREAT YOU, as they would want to be treated themselves. I would go so far as to say, Almor Carpets Dunfermline are the best carpet company that I have ever bought from - and that is why I return to them for my carpets. It is because of the trust that I have gained that I feel assured that I can truly recommend them and their services to others, without any worry that I would lead a person astray.

You can rest assured that Almor Carpets Dunfermline will truly look after you - and they DO make you feel like you are a VALUED CUSTOMER - every time! I wish Almor Carpets many more years of continued success. :)